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 I’ve been studying and practicingmassage therapy for over 4 years, and I still get so much from Steve’s unique, relaxing and effortless style of work. The ease and skill of his work has helped me resolve shoulder issues that I have been trying for years to resolve with training programs and yoga. After working with Steve, I also had a clearer idea of what to do in my training and stretching that helped resolve my lower back pain completely. If you have a chronic issue that no one can seem to resolve, Steve is the one who can get you straightened out. I recommend his work unconditionally. Thanks Steve!     Glenn Bradford – Seattle, WA

I am a professional rower, training for the next Olympics. We have a very aggressive team and train daily for 3 hours. Steve was able to retrain my muscle groups which effectively added 26% more strength on the bench and gave me a 14% reduction in my time trials. This is a huge gain and virtually puts me in contention for the qualification runs this spring.            Conal Groom – Seattle, WA

     Steve was able to work out a chronic  
hamstring problem in a matter of 6 weeks. This has made a significant difference in my confidence to play full out. When your on the soccer field and running continuously against other world-class athletes, it makes a huge difference when you’re not constantly worried re-injuring yourself.                                       Taylor Graham – El Camino, CA

I had given up on being pain free after countless physical therapy sessions failed to relieve my lower back pain. When my yoga instructor suggested I try BioMetric massage I was slightly skeptical, but willing to try something new. I had three sessions with Steve and have been free of pain in my lower back since. Along with massage Steve offered tips on exercises and stretches to keep my back in shape. As long as I am consistent in doing those exercises I no longer have to limit my activities due to back pain. Thank you, Steve!       Betsy Tsukimura – Seattle, WA

About10 years ago, the company I worked for hired a masseuse to come in on a weekly basis and give massages to the employees. The masseuse was very nice however the massage was a total waste of my time. After 3 massages I chose not to waste my time anymore since it wasn’t doing anything for me and I’m not comfortable with having a stranger touching me. It was with great hesitation and skepticism that I accepted a trial massage from Steve. I had already made up my mind that massages were a complete waste of time. Was I ever surprised! ! ! Steve is absolutely incredible. For comparison purposes he worked only on my left arm and shoulder. After he was done, I could not only feel the difference between my left shoulder and my right shoulder but I could visually see the difference.
     Steve has changed my mind about massage. If it is done by the right person, it is a wonderful experience and Steve is definitely the right person. I highly recommend him.             Florin Lazar – CommTek Corporation

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