Simple five minute stretches every hour can save you from painful, stiff muscles at the      end of a workday. Once you stretch regularly, you begin to have more awareness of your body which enables you to notice when you need to stop and relax.

Medical and Sports

Massage Therapy

  • Walk backwards  
  • Walk backwards barefoot on the earth or sand. This forces the joints of the foot to exercise & gives the body an opportunity to use chronically under-used muscles.   (Engages back erector muscles and hamstrings)​​
  • Drink water    
  • Stretch               
  • ICE injuries
  • Do YOGA

Steve's advice

  1. Healthy skin
  2. Lose weight
  3. Flush toxins
  4. Reduce your risk of a heart attack
  5. Cushion and lube your joints and muscles
  6. Stay regular
  7. Stay hydrated, get energized, and be alert
  8. Regulate your body temperature
  9. Reduce risk of disease and infection
  10. Get well                                                                                         Want more info? Go to 

Reasons to Drink Water

Stretch regularly

      Stretching is an important part of muscle health. It is a simple, quick andeffective way to bring blood (which carries the oxygen and nutrients) into the muscles - making them more supple and relaxed. A relaxed muscle is less likely to tear or go into spasm. When you stretch, you decrease the body's pain and increase general well being.
     Most of us  think of stretching in association with warming up before exercise or cooling down after exercise or playing sports. Of course, stretching at this time is an important part of performing at your optimum level. However, stretching can also be incorporated into your daily living to give you more energy and introduce body awareness.
     When working  for long periods in one position,  your body needs breaks. You can do this by stretching every hour. If you're at the computer - do some neck rolls. If you are on your feet, stretch your legs and low back. When at the wheel — stop and stretch your neck and shoulders.

Ice is Nice

Ice can be very effective  as an injury treatment, especially when applied immediately after an injury.

Ice permits your body to heal quickly in two ways: it promotes blood circulation (more than heat) and it numbs the pain so  you can move the injured area.

Moving is beneficial because the best healing takes place when you actively move your injured part. Movement allows the new-forming tissue to remain pliable and healthy while keeping abnormal scar tissue from forming.  ...and of course, massage also helps healing.

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