Office Visit:   

60 Minutes $89.00

75 Minutes $110.00

90 Minutes $130.00

120 Minutes $169.00        


$99 per Hour

Plus $25 setup

$1 per minute travel time
ADD HOT STONES:.... $ 10 
  COUPLES CLASS:........ $100​   (Improve your massage techniques  for each other)

Why a massage from

Mechanics of Healing?
You could have a ‘fluff & buff’ session with many people on the island. My approach is one of ‘identify and treat’.

I practice in the tradition of MEDICAL  & SPORTS massage THERAPY, which has a long history of getting people out of pain.

Therapeutic Massage in Kihei - Outcalls accepted


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Medical & Sports Massage in Kihei

Through touch, intuition and knowledge of the mechanics of the body, a program that best suits your specific massage needs for that day is determined.